What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of the human mind and how it impacts human behavior. The field of psychology includes the scientific examination of thoughts, behaviors, conscious and subconscious motivations, and emotions. The study of psychology also includes exploring the history of psychology, answering questions like "When did psychology begin?" and "Who was the first psychologist?"

Studying psychology is useful for many people, from students looking to understand the human mind to practitioners looking for professional development.

An overview of some of the specific topics in the study of psychology that students can learn about follows below.

  • Organizational psychology is the study of how minds work together in the workplace.
  • Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary study that explores the thoughts, behaviors, memory, and emotions manifest through biology, computer science, psychology, and other realms of knowledge.
  • Abnormal/Clinical psychology studies what happens when the mind works differently than expected. Abnormal and clinical psychologists are interested in mental health and psychological disorders.
  • Social psychology takes a look at how the mind works in social interactions.
  • Developmental psychology is the branch of psychology that explores how the brain and the mind change throughout the human lifecycle.
  • Educational psychology studies the best ways for people to learn, based on how their minds work.
  • Psychological research methods/Experimental design focuses on how to create scientifically valid studies so that psychological theories are backed up by data.
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Psychology Topics

Psychology Resources

There are many psychology resources for students of all levels and interests. Study.com has thousands of resources, from accessible, bite-sized videos exploring introductory psychology terms to credit-earning, college-level courses. There are also resources for students who are interested in different fields of psychology, from abnormal psychology to organizational psychology. Our professional development courses help practitioners, and future practitioners study for exams and remain on the leading edge of their field. Browse our offerings to explore our course syllabi for teachers, tutoring for students, and resources for homeschooling.

Psychology Courses

Our collection of psychology courses covers a wide variety of topics for those interested in the study of the human mind and the study of behavior. Study.com has choices for learners at every stage of their education. These courses can help students advance in their academic careers, help teachers plan for classroom learning, and help professionals improve in their field.

Psychology 101: Intro to Psychology

In this course, students will be introduced to the fundamental theories and principles of psychology. It explores the history of psychological understanding, perception, consciousness, and memory, along with the forerunners of psychological understanding.

Psychology 102: Educational Psychology

This course applies psychological strategies to the classroom itself, teaching students the most effective, science-backed teaching strategies. The course also explores the history of learning studies and how to adapt learning styles to individual needs.

Psychology 103: Human Growth and Development

This course introduces students to the various stages of human development, spotlighting how cognition, language, creativity, and social skills change over time. The course covers the genetic impacts on development, along with types of atypical development.

Psychology 104: Social Psychology

This credit-eligible college course introduces students to social psychology to better understand how people work together in groups. It examines the work of prominent social psychologists, explains prejudice and stereotypes, and examines attraction.

Psychology 105: Research Methods in Psychology

In this course, students will learn how to rigorously and ethically create psychological research studies. Students will also learn about different kinds of psychological studies, along with data collection, sampling, and research analysis.

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Psychology Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool teachers can access a comprehensive homeschool curriculum on Study.com. There are study guides, test prep resources, credit-eligible courses, and curricula. For high school, resources like High School Psychology: Homeschool Curriculum offer an introduction to psychological principles and theories. Also, AP Psychology: Homeschool Curriculum will help high school students prepare for the AP psychology exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the study of the brain and mind?

    Psychology is the study of the brain and mind. Psychology is the science dedicated to understanding cognition, perception, behavior, memory, and other functions of the mind.

  • What is the main study of psychology?

    Psychology is the study of the human mind. It's a science dedicated to how people think, feel, and behave. Psychology is also interested in how people interact together, cognitive development over time, mental health issues, and other mental aspects of the human experience.