What is Data Science?

Data science is the process of collecting, processing, understanding, and communicating meaning from data. As a field of study, data science involves programming, statistics, algorithms, and visualizations. It also involves effectively conveying meaning and value from data.

The data science lifecycle involves business or organization-level understanding of goals, what data is available, data preparation, data analysis, data modeling, data evaluation, and model deployment (or communication of results). Following the data life cycle is a good way of organizing goals for an organization or business while getting the best value from data resources.

Data scientists are necessary for almost any modern business and require high technical and math skills. Data scientists must be able to analyze data and make meaning from it complexly. Data scientists can answer questions and create possible solutions to existing organizational problems.

Data science requires skills found in similar computer science roles, like programming and math. Additionally, data scientists must be creative, know how to build models, and have good communication skills to communicate results effectively to a team. Data science uses tools like SQL, GitHub, R, Python, and many others. Data science is a high-demand career, and the demand for people in this role is only expected to grow.

While being a data scientist can be a demanding role, one can learn this field in under a year. This experience takes dedicated study time but is manageable for the motivated learner. By committing to studying data science with the same hours as a full-time job, one can learn the basics to become an entry-level data scientist.

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The resources you can find at study.com will be helpful for the dedicated learner's journey toward becoming a data scientist. At Study.com, one can find multiple resources about the data sciences. Study.com can help study the role of data scientists and what tools for success are necessary.

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Multiple courses at study.com about data science specializations are available. This data science curriculum supports the basics of data science, database programming, database management, and algorithms. Study.com offers data science courses, including an introductory programming course in the SQL language.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does data science require coding?

    Data science does require at least some coding. Data scientists use computers and programming to collect and process data, which requires the knowledge and skills of a basic level of coding in a programming language.

  • Can someone learn data science in one year?

    Dedicated people can learn the basics of data science in one year or less. It would require that one study hard and dedicate study hours comparable to that of a full-time job to gain the knowledge and skills required of an entry-level data scientist.