What is Business Communication?

Business communication can be defined as the process of conveying business-related information and its meaning from one person (the sender) to another (the receiver) using at least one means of conveyance and/or media transfer in a professional setting. Most businesses are only able to exist through effective communication, if not from their own resources, then from communication performed by similar entrepreneurs at an earlier date. For instance, effective communication allows the business to function internally, through synergistic relationships between co-workers, management and employees, each of which involves reporting, listening, and responding to information. Similarly, a business' ability to cultivate and retain a customer base depends on its ability to successfully communicate its value to the customer, what makes it better than its competition, and the qualities it associates with its dedicated clients, usually done through advertising. Another example of business communication most people are familiar with is the ubiquitous directive to ''sell yourself'' as a potential employee during an interview, which generally involves highlighting the qualities that make one valuable to a businessperson in order to get hired.

Successful communication promotes many qualities and relationships that aid businesses in many ways:

  • Creating and strengthening a feeling of trust between people and organizations
  • Opportunities to effect the zeitgeist through trends and fads, perceptions, and discussions
  • Building close professional relationships with major communities in the business' given marketplace or area of impact
  • Quick problem solving, efficient decision-making, and increased productivity
  • Economic gain, greater profitability, and higher return on investment
  • Early warning on potential issues likely to affect the business and its clientele
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Business Communication Topics

Business and Professional Communication Resources

In the 21st century there are more ways to connect than ever before, and hence there are more types of business communication. The hundreds of business resources on Study.com cover every aspect of business and professional communication, including various examples and tools. Students interested in learning professional communication skills will find everything they need in the many courses, study guides, and writing assignments curated by experience business and communication professionals.

Courses and Lessons for Communication in Business

Study.com has hundreds of courses available to help students of any discipline develop business and professional communication skills. These lessons cover many areas related to communication in business contexts, from speech-writing, to effective listening skills, management techniques, and ways to build and maintain a healthy group dynamic. College-credit awarding courses, quizzes, and review lessons are prepared to help business and communication students reach their full potential.

Communications 101: Public Speaking

This college-level course is ideal for students of any discipline, but especially pertinent for business and communications students. These lessons on public speaking cover the details of speech-craft and delivery, analyzing the audience, feedback, and more.

Communications 102: Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication is an important part of any person's professional and personal life. This college course provides lessons on effective listening, relationship theory, verbal and nonverbal communication, and conversation and conflict management.

Business 113: Business Communication

Business students will find these college lessons on workplace communication useful in their professional lives. Chapters discuss interpersonal and group communication, planning, the use of visual aids, different types of reports and presentations, and more.

Communications 120: Presentation Skills in the Workplace

This college-level class covers the skills used by working professionals in public speaking scenarios and presentations. Lessons describe how to approach speeches, creating effective, audience-centered presentations, using visuals, and anxiety management.

Communications 301: Diversity and Intercultural Communication

This communications course is useful for anyone working in the business sector, or in any diverse workplace. Chapters detail the influence of culture on communication, the language of cultural conflict and ethnocentrism, and nonverbal cultural differences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a business communications course?

    A business communications course is a course that applies the theory and skills learned in communications studies to the issues of the business sector. These include conversations between management and employees, various types of presentations, and customer relations and service.

  • What is business and professional communication?

    Business and professional communication refers to the communication skills necessary for success in business and other professional settings. Among these skills are the ability to deliver a presentation, and how to communicate effectively with bosses, employees, and customers through varied mediums.

  • Why communication is so important in business?

    Communication is important in business because every business relies on various means of communication to exist and thrive. Without effective communication between workers and between employees and management, the business would not work properly, and would further fail to communicate its value to potential customers.